Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I don't think I ever truly appreciated the work and effort that goes into a marching band.  And I guess I always thought the uniforms were, well, unfashionable.  That is until my own son put one on.  Handsome as can be.  I love him in that uniform.

Summer band practice was several weeks at the school from 7:30am until noon.  This was in preparation for summer parades.

I was surprised when Simon decided to join Fall Marching Band.  This is commitment.  Two solid weeks, every day from 8am until 4pm in the scorching hot August weather, in a big field with zero shade.  Then after-school practices once school started.  Still hot outside.

But the result is impressive.  This was their 1st performance just for families.

Way to go 120 kids in Timpview Marching Band

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fruits and Flies

This time of year, I frequent the Spanish Fork Farmers Market most Saturdays.  Along with my purchases come the pesky fruit flies.  They say to keep your produce in the refrigerator to eliminate them.  But peaches and pears ripen nicely on the counter, not in the fridge.  You can buy fruit fly traps online, but this little gadget works perfectly and costs nothing.  Two-cup jar, chunks of fruit, scrap paper, and tape.  Those flies go down the paper cone, then they try to get out up the sides of the jar.  But it is sealed shut with tape.

I keep two of these going.  One is in the freezer killing flies (humanely as possible), and the other is on the counter catching them.  I swap them out 2 or 3 times before cleaning out the jars, getting fresh fruit, and making new paper cones.

A side note about farmers markets.  I've tried to support the Provo farmers market.  But I don't like the parking, I don't like the crowds, and I don't really like all the craft booths.

Spanish Fork is just the right size and just the right kind of stuff - some local honey, homemade bread, and all the rest is produce.  I have gone to the BYU Stadium farmers market a couple of times - Thursdays 3-8pm.  It is a good midweek option and has good parking.  There are a few craft booths, but it is so small, that getting my produce is quick and easy.

Back before we turned our lives upside down with the bike shop, Brent and I used to go to Spanish Fork together almost every Saturday.  The kids were still sleeping, and it was just our little outing.  Maybe those memories keep me going back there.  Alone.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Millie and I admired this little beauty the other day as we were driving home.

This was taken about 17 years ago before most the homes existed on the hill above our house.

This is my most favorite singer/songwriter singing the Rainbow Connection.  Although I haven't listened to Jason much in the last year or even two, there was a time when I was nearly obsessed with him.  I love it when he makes mistakes, like in this little video - he handles it with good humor.