Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fresh Food

We are somewhat addicted to sweets.  All of us. Brownies, cookies, ice cream - they don't last the day. I try not to bake very often, but sometimes the sugar, chocolate, and KitchenAid beckon me to build a treat. But we also love fresh foods.  I buy fresh foods, and they disappear so quickly. And someone is telling me we need more. After one shopping trip, I decided to keep track.

This is what I had after shopping Saturday morning:
14 oranges
6 grapefruit
2 lb strawberries
9 mangoes
1 pineapple
13 apples
1 jicama
2 packages baby carrots
1 package sugar snap peas
4 bananas
6 avocadoes
12 lemons

This is what was left the following Friday:

It's kind of a sad-looking fruit bowl.