Monday, July 11, 2011

Fatty Barbecue

My brother likes to cook.  Get him some meat, a grill, a deep fryer, or a smoker, and he can do amazing things.  This breakfast treat was something I had never seen or experienced before.  It's called Fatty Barbecue.

1st, he weaved bacon into a sort of mat.  Then he smashed sausage in a Ziplock bag to make this rectangle shape and placed it on top of the bacon mat.  Then some cream cheese, onions, peppers.  Roll it up.

Place it on the grill

I think he cooked these for about 1.5 hours

Then he sliced them up.  Wow. That was something to experience.  Fatty Barbecue is a fitting name.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If I Had One Million Dollars...

I'd buy myself a boat.
And a boat trailer.
And a wakeboard.
And a wake surf board.
And a slalom ski.
And a dozen life jackets.
And a vehicle to pull the boat.
And a timeshare on one of these.

We were the fortunate recipients of an invitation to Lake Powell with my brother.  The friends that usually go with them on this trip had a wedding and couldn't make it.  Sad for them.  We lucked out. 

Millie Kayaking

Simon Kayaking in a cool slot canyon
And we provided the water trampoline which no longer holds air very well, and the kids have kind of outgrown it.  But who is ever too old for a round of Duck-Duck-Goose on a water trampoline?

Simon sliding during a night swim
 My brother provided the boat, the houseboat, the driving skills, all the fun toys, and endless quantities of patience driving us all over the lake.

Brent wakesurfing

Simon about to wakeboard
Oli jumping the wake

And I can still slalom ski with a smile on my face
One of the most beautiful places ever

I love Lake Powell.