Sunday, February 12, 2012

Farewell, My Friend

I wish I could remember the exact date I got this phone.  I know for certain that it's been at least 8 years.  It's possible that I've used it for a year or 2 more than that.  It still works.  It's been soaked in a canoe, dropped, sat on in my back pocket over and over, and dropped in the snow.  I could send and receive texts, make and receive phone calls, and it held a charge for up to 3 days.  No camera.  No frills.

I kept thinking that when it died, then I'd get a new phone.  It never died.  I finally decided it was time to catch up with technology and get a smart phone.  The phone is quite smart, but it makes me feel dumb.  I need a phone tutor.  Farewell my old friend, Nokia.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Swimming at State

For the Grandparents...
Since you couldn't be there, you can watch Oli's State swims at BYU.
February 3 & 4, 2012

100 Backstroke
He's in Lane 5 out of 8.  Lane 8 is farthest away.  He's in the Orange cap.
He took 3rd in his heat, 9th place at State.
He beat his previous best time, but I can't remember by how much.

100 Butterfly
He's in Lane 6 out of 8.  Lane 8 is farthest away.  He took 1st in his heat, 9th overall at State.
He took about 1.5 seconds off his previous best time.

200 Medley Relay 
His team is wearing orange caps.  They are in Lane 7 of 8.  Lane 8 is closest in this video.
Oli is the 3rd swimmer for his team, swimming the 50 butterfly.
Their Medley Relay team placed 11th at State.

We're hoping for a podium finish for his Senior year

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I glance through over 6000 names every month in my job as a commissions analyst.  Once in a while, a name catches my attention, for better or for worse.  I'm keeping a running list of them.  Here they are...

Holly Wood

Wilden Lovin
I think some dude just made that up and uses it when he can.  That can't be for real.  But that's what's on his account with his cell phone provider.
An unfortunate last name
Pane Anesthesia
This is the name of an anesthesia group.  It's kind of like owning a bakery and having the last name Baker, or being a tailor with the last name Taylor.  There's a word for when your name matches your occupation - aptronym.
That’s just a good last name
Jayde Green and Kelly Green
These two are on the same cell phone account.  I had fun thinking of what other names would go with the last name Green - Hunter, Olive, and Forest would work.
Rhymes with celery
Rusty Bumgardner
If your last name begins with the word “bum”, you should never use an adjective for a first name.  Avoid  names such as Hairy, Sandy, Tanner, Misty, and of course, Rusty, in front of the word Bum.  And if your last name is Bumgardner, consider legally changing it to just Gardner.