Sunday, February 12, 2012

Farewell, My Friend

I wish I could remember the exact date I got this phone.  I know for certain that it's been at least 8 years.  It's possible that I've used it for a year or 2 more than that.  It still works.  It's been soaked in a canoe, dropped, sat on in my back pocket over and over, and dropped in the snow.  I could send and receive texts, make and receive phone calls, and it held a charge for up to 3 days.  No camera.  No frills.

I kept thinking that when it died, then I'd get a new phone.  It never died.  I finally decided it was time to catch up with technology and get a smart phone.  The phone is quite smart, but it makes me feel dumb.  I need a phone tutor.  Farewell my old friend, Nokia.


  1. What a fun birthday present:) Caitlyn can tutor you. She is becoming a pro. When I finally break down and get a smart phone myself I'm sure I will need a lot of help also. Good luck.

  2. Did the folks at work have anything to do with that decision? ;)
    Today C said, "You know Brent J Hulme?" The initial has stuck!
    We sure miss you all, call me on your fancy phone sometime and we can get the people together.