Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Mistaking That Rattle

The dog needs a little walk in the evenings.  I walk her every morning with my neighbor, but we're on our own in the evenings.  Sunday night Milly and I took Decca out on our usual loop on the "bumpy trail" (named by Xander when he was 3).  When we were almost done, we heard a loud, scary, rattly noise.  It was so loud that Milly screamed without even seeing anything.  I halted and saw the bugger squiggle quickly across our trail.  This guy was dark and resembled this internet photo.  After my heart resumed its normal pace, and I remembered how to breathe again, we turned around and walked the long way home.

I thought that was just a fluke and went out again with the dog at about 8:00pm tonight.  I was even closer to home when I heard that awful rattle again.  I froze.  Mr. Light-Skinned Rattler and I stared at each other.  Decca was barking and pulling hard on the leash.  I called Brent and told him I was having a staring contest with a rattlesnake about 10 feet away from me.  I almost cried.  This guy was not moving except for that awful rattle, and he was posed much like this photo.  Staring.  At me.  Then Mr. Light-Skinned Rattler slowly turned his head and meandered lazily down the field.  I was still frozen until I remembered how to breathe again.  Decca was still agitated.  Brent showed up with a big shovel just in time to see him squiggling further away.  I was glad to have another human witness as well as some company.  I hate snakes.  Decca and I will have to stick to the neighborhood sidewalks for a while.  I might have nightmares tonight.  I really hate snakes.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Letter to my Camera

Dear Camera,

I miss you.  I feel naked without you.  Ever since you fell out somewhere along our bicycle ride to the Stadium of Fire, I've missed you more than I ever imagined.  When I realized you were gone, I skipped the fireworks and rode Oli's bike all the way back home in the dark looking for you.  Early Sunday morning, Brent retraced the whole ride looking for you too.  If you were still around, you would have taken some great photos of July 4 celebrations, of my niece's beautiful wedding reception, of Milly, Maia, and Quinn at sailing camp, of a fun overnighter in Park City, of some fabulous mountain biking on Park City trails.  You had such great battery life and memory capacity.  I placed an ad on Craigslist, but no one has responded.  I'm sure someone has found you.  Too bad they don't have the charger for your battery.  It was great knowing you.  But now I'm afraid I must replace you.

Your Friend,