Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moab Trip - February 2015

Short little video clip of the kids riding their bikes on the Intrepid trail at Dead Horse Point.

Dead Horse Point State Park. We were on a 9 mile bicycle trail which had signs for overlook spots.

Xander. This part of the trail was nice packed dirt.


Julia. This part of the trail was slick rock.

View from Dead Horse Point, 2000 feet above the Colorado river.

More Dead Horse Point. Notice the people out there (not our people).

Canyonlands National Park - Grand View Point lookout.

Canyonlands - Grand View Point lookout

Canyonlands - Mesa Arch

Cool mural on the side of a bicycle store in Moab.

Arches National Park - Landscape arch - believed to be the longest spanning natural arch in the world, spanning 290 feet across. In 1991, visitors heard cracking and popping noises while they were under the arch. They ran down the hill, and a giant slab of rock fell away from the arch making it thinner. No one was hurt. But since then, they have closed the trail that used to go underneath the arch.

Looking away from Landscape Arch

The end of the Landscape Arch trail.


From Landscape Arch, we hiked a "primitive" trail on our way to see Double O Arch.

Double O Arch - Below the large arch is a smaller one - hard to see in this photo - easier to see two photos down.

People walking across the top of Double O Arch. (Again, not our people.)

Double O Arch

The weather was still nice when we decided to turn the Double O Arch hike into a loop (instead of an out-and-back). We walked on sand, dirt, and slick rock. The trail is marked with small stacks of rocks called cairns.

Still hiking on the loop after Double O Arch. The scenery was amazing. The clouds rolled in and the weather was changing.

It began snowing really hard. You can see the tiny snowballs on the sand.

This is what Landscape Arch looked like as we neared the end of the loop. Snow on the ground and gray skies.

This is Delicate Arch from the lower view. The hike up to the upper view of Delicate Arch is fabulous, but we had just finished 5 or 6 miles with the Landscape Arch hike, and it was cold, and no one seemed to want to hike uphill again. So we just looked at it from below.