Friday, August 27, 2010

"What is Your Gender?"

I've been donating blood at the American Red Cross for many years now.  Yesterday, they presented me with a little "2 gallon" pin, which I had apparently earned last June.  So after yesterday's bloodletting, I've donated and replenished 34 cups of O Positive.  Never thought I'd keep statistics like that.

I know that they have to be careful when collecting blood. I know they have to ensure that I am really me and not some impostor.  They ask me to say or confirm my name and address 4 times.  Is that because, if I were an impostor, I might be likely to slip up and reveal my scheme?  But my favorite is when they ask, "What is your gender?"  Seriously?  I realize that gender can be ambiguous sometimes, but does it matter?  I mean, it doesn't affect the blood type.  It doesn't affect who draws your blood, or how they draw it, or where they draw it from.  So why do they need to confirm my gender?  They only started asking that question about a year ago, and the 1st time they asked, I was so startled.  It's such an odd question, that now I fear I'll slip up on it...  "Male - I mean female - girl - yes - female."  Well, I'm not offended or even annoyed.  I just find it peculiar.

I like the snacks.  I like the excuse to take it easy for the rest of the day.  Surely, that means a little extra reading followed by a nap.  Yesterday's phlebotomist jokingly told me that I shouldn't cook dinner.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Big 23

That is, our 23rd anniversary.  Not a noteworthy anniversary by most standards, but for us, it is significant. Why?  Because it's the first we've spent together in about 12 years.  You see, Brent always had a sales meeting in Wisconsin during our anniversary.  The year that Milly was born was one exception, and they happened to hold it earlier than usual.  So I guess we were together for our anniversary 10 years ago, but we were expecting a baby the very next day.  So now, he still goes to these meetings, but he doesn't have to stay as long.  So, we mooched off my sister and borrowed her condominium in Park City.

We enjoyed good entertainment at the Gallivan Center during Craft Lake City 2010
Break dancers

Little tiny kids tried their break dancing skills, too

And belly dancers

Mad Max and the Wild Ones
This cute little band is local from Springville.  It is a father and sons band (but one son is currently touring with another band, so guitar teacher filled in).  This was so much fun.  Little 5th grader playing on a dime store guitar and doing lead vocals.  Dad on the bass, and brother on the drums.  They were amazing and so much fun.

Dinner at a Tibetan restaurant right close to the bike shop

Fabulous bike ride with my sister and her husband

Friday, August 13, 2010

Butt Faces

Mesa Verde National Park

Milly and I took a road trip to attend my niece's wedding.  We listened to two entertaining youth books on CD.  The 1st one was titled Lily's Crossing and the 2nd one was A Corner of the Universe.  The 2nd was definitely for an older crowd, but it caught our attention right away.  At one point in the story, the reader was listing objects on a woman's dresser.  She described several photographs, and listed other items such as perfumes, and bud vases.  Milly looked at me very surprised and exclaimed, "butt faces?!?!?"  I defined "bud vases" for her and then we both laughed and laughed.

Bud Vases

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Got It

Just a normal average trip to Costco, and I impulsively replaced my lost camera.  No research.  No planning.  Just picked it up alongside the grapes and bread.  I love it.  See how happy I am?

Testing out the macro feature...

The most photogenic one in the house...
Always smiling, no wrinkles or bags under her eyes, never a bad hair day, and just look at her natural eye-liner.  However, her dental hygiene is not up to par, and she struggles with her weight, just like the rest of us in this house.  This photo is very slimming to her figure.