Friday, August 27, 2010

"What is Your Gender?"

I've been donating blood at the American Red Cross for many years now.  Yesterday, they presented me with a little "2 gallon" pin, which I had apparently earned last June.  So after yesterday's bloodletting, I've donated and replenished 34 cups of O Positive.  Never thought I'd keep statistics like that.

I know that they have to be careful when collecting blood. I know they have to ensure that I am really me and not some impostor.  They ask me to say or confirm my name and address 4 times.  Is that because, if I were an impostor, I might be likely to slip up and reveal my scheme?  But my favorite is when they ask, "What is your gender?"  Seriously?  I realize that gender can be ambiguous sometimes, but does it matter?  I mean, it doesn't affect the blood type.  It doesn't affect who draws your blood, or how they draw it, or where they draw it from.  So why do they need to confirm my gender?  They only started asking that question about a year ago, and the 1st time they asked, I was so startled.  It's such an odd question, that now I fear I'll slip up on it...  "Male - I mean female - girl - yes - female."  Well, I'm not offended or even annoyed.  I just find it peculiar.

I like the snacks.  I like the excuse to take it easy for the rest of the day.  Surely, that means a little extra reading followed by a nap.  Yesterday's phlebotomist jokingly told me that I shouldn't cook dinner.

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  1. That gender question is indeed odd...I'm not able to donate blood, but it is because of people like you that I am still kicking:) Thank you. (Bill, Court and Coryn have all been regular donors over the years also.)