Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Big 23

That is, our 23rd anniversary.  Not a noteworthy anniversary by most standards, but for us, it is significant. Why?  Because it's the first we've spent together in about 12 years.  You see, Brent always had a sales meeting in Wisconsin during our anniversary.  The year that Milly was born was one exception, and they happened to hold it earlier than usual.  So I guess we were together for our anniversary 10 years ago, but we were expecting a baby the very next day.  So now, he still goes to these meetings, but he doesn't have to stay as long.  So, we mooched off my sister and borrowed her condominium in Park City.

We enjoyed good entertainment at the Gallivan Center during Craft Lake City 2010
Break dancers

Little tiny kids tried their break dancing skills, too

And belly dancers

Mad Max and the Wild Ones
This cute little band is local from Springville.  It is a father and sons band (but one son is currently touring with another band, so guitar teacher filled in).  This was so much fun.  Little 5th grader playing on a dime store guitar and doing lead vocals.  Dad on the bass, and brother on the drums.  They were amazing and so much fun.

Dinner at a Tibetan restaurant right close to the bike shop

Fabulous bike ride with my sister and her husband

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