Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Mistaking That Rattle

The dog needs a little walk in the evenings.  I walk her every morning with my neighbor, but we're on our own in the evenings.  Sunday night Milly and I took Decca out on our usual loop on the "bumpy trail" (named by Xander when he was 3).  When we were almost done, we heard a loud, scary, rattly noise.  It was so loud that Milly screamed without even seeing anything.  I halted and saw the bugger squiggle quickly across our trail.  This guy was dark and resembled this internet photo.  After my heart resumed its normal pace, and I remembered how to breathe again, we turned around and walked the long way home.

I thought that was just a fluke and went out again with the dog at about 8:00pm tonight.  I was even closer to home when I heard that awful rattle again.  I froze.  Mr. Light-Skinned Rattler and I stared at each other.  Decca was barking and pulling hard on the leash.  I called Brent and told him I was having a staring contest with a rattlesnake about 10 feet away from me.  I almost cried.  This guy was not moving except for that awful rattle, and he was posed much like this photo.  Staring.  At me.  Then Mr. Light-Skinned Rattler slowly turned his head and meandered lazily down the field.  I was still frozen until I remembered how to breathe again.  Decca was still agitated.  Brent showed up with a big shovel just in time to see him squiggling further away.  I was glad to have another human witness as well as some company.  I hate snakes.  Decca and I will have to stick to the neighborhood sidewalks for a while.  I might have nightmares tonight.  I really hate snakes.


  1. That is SCARY!! I hate snakes and rattlers are horrible!! I'm glad he turned away from you. I know a girl whose sister got bit by one in AZ... it was horrible! Stay away from that trail for a while and be careful!

  2. VaLene,
    This sufficiently freaked us all out! Coryn will NOT walk that trail anymore. I stick to the sidewalks after having a few of those huge wolf spiders jump out in front of me:) A snake would give me a heart attack before he could even bite me. So glad you got away safely:)