Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Letter

VaLene O. Hulme
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September 22, 2010
Person(s) in Charge of Visa Problems
Missionary Travel
50 E. North Temple St. Rm 1442
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-5261
Dear Person(s) in Charge of Visa Problems,
My son, Elder Alexander Hulme, was called to the West Indies/Suriname Dutch-speaking mission.  He reported to the Provo MTC on March 24, 2010.  When the four Elders were preparing to depart for Suriname on May 25, 2010, only one Elder received his Visa.  Fortunately, my son has had a very positive experience learning and serving in the Birmingham, Alabama mission for the past 3+ months.
As a parent, I was hoping for some information about the Visa issues.  I am unaware of the scope of Visa problems - that is, I don’t know how many you must deal with at any given time, so perhaps sending information to the families is not a reasonable option.  However, with no information given to us, it is natural to wonder if perhaps my son’s Visa problems have fallen through the cracks and been ignored.  I very much doubt that this is the case, but I really felt I needed to check.
Would it be possible to provide updates to families who are in this situation?  I would love to have some or all of these questions addressed:
1) Is it typical for the West Indies missionaries to have Visa problems?  If so, how long does it typically take for a missionary’s Visa to arrive?
2) Is it common for a missionary to serve his/her entire mission in the temporarily-reassigned location?
3) Can anyone explain the root of the Visa problem?
4) What steps are being taken to acquire the necessary Visas?
I would be so grateful for any information at all, either by paper mail or e-mail.  I’m certain other families would appreciate some sort of communication as well.  Thank you for your time and all your hard work to sustain and benefit the missionary program.
VaLene O. Hulme

I was very tempted to add:
P.S.  If you need a qualified letter-writer, I am available for part-time work.


  1. Yea! You wrote the letter. And a very well-written one indeed:) Yes, you could be hired as a professional letter writer. I hope you get results.

  2. Thanks Trilby! I guess at this point, I'm more curious than anything to see if I'll get a response.