Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our friends host the most fabulous Halloween dance party every single year.  We happened to have some photos of this painting from last year's party, so why not turn Brent into the Abe Lincoln clown?

Steph's Mexican skull cake

And look.  Someone just happened to dress up like the cake!

This is Millie's Bollywood costume that I borrowed.  Sadly, I have no pictures of Millie wearing it.  Why?  Issues related to dog barf, hail storms, and a panic attack.

Mango from Saturday Night Live

 Eve had plenty of leaves covering the back side.  But Adam, not so many.  Well, none.

I had to explain to my kids what a Smurf was.

Dave's Pharoah costume was pretty darn gutsy. He owned it!  Steph was one of a set of 3 sassy witches.

Doesn't everyone need a plastic horse lamp hanging in their family room?

Mr. Peepers from Saturday Night Live.  Not only did he look the part, but he acted the part for most of the evening.  Hilarious.  Although, I'll admit that I had to Youtube both Mango and Mr. Peepers when I got home.

Jersey Shore group.  I've never watched this reality show, but I think I get the idea.

Garage/art studio/dance room.

Some of the fellers.

Noelle had this oversized ice skating costume in her basement and was hoping it would fit somebody.    Oli snatched that thing up no problem.

Simon threw this together in about a minute.  There's a cute little top hat on the purple hair, but sadly, my photography skills are lacking.


  1. Brent looks hysterical! Love yours. Wow! What a fabulous party. How fun. (I recognize Noelle and Steve regardless of their costumes:)) Halloween should be all about a festive, great time! Your photos captured just that.

  2. oli - you and I need to strike up a deal for next year.