Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Didn't I Think of That?

For how many years did hospitals routinely use these for sickness?  Did anyone ever feel confident getting sick into this shallow, small, bean-shaped vessel?

Who was the smarty-pants that came up with this?  I feel I have brain power enough to invent such a thing.  Why didn't I?  This sickness bag stores compactly and looks as though it would do its job perfectly (fortunately, Brent didn't need to test it out after his recent ACL surgery.)  Then, you just toss it out.  Genius.  They should make these available for household purchase.  Maybe they do - it's not something for which I typically shop.  

This is the best use for the old emesis basin.  I've been storing my toothbrush in this for many years.


  1. Ha! No way would I puke in the bean shaped thingy. I'm sorry about Brent! Funny, he and my dad could start a club.
    Grandma once flew with us from NM to OR while she had a stomach bug, and she had one of those brilliant barf cup things. Poor Grandma.

  2. I agree with you about those kidney shaped things. I now I have a few have a few hanging around the house that have been used for various things...When we came by on Saturday, Brent was playing "superman" with his crutches trying to get the bike rack on your vehicle. He was coming to rescue you I understand? Wouldn't accept my offer for help (man stubborn), but Court was able to help Simon get the rack attached. Hope he's recovering well...

  3. I've been trying to talk my manager into getting the blue ones for years. Bottom line...the pink ones are about 17 cents each and the blue ones are about 1.50 each. :( They really are genius.