Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clever Thank You

I got a good chuckle reading a thank you card today from a recent wedding.  Names have been changed.

This cheese grater is amazing!
Jane, as you may know, eats much
cheese, like a hungry mouse!
I assure you this gift will see much use.  Thank you!
John & Jane

I don't know that I've ever laughed out loud reading a wedding thank you card.  Made my day.

By the way, "Jane" is tiny as can be, so I don't doubt that she eats like a mouse, even a hungry one.


  1. That takes the cake...or rather, the cheese:)
    Clever thank you note. And you know me, I believe in thank you notes.

  2. Hi, VaLene!
    This is very cute. It made me smile and wish those newlyweds the best. Thanks for dropping by my blog, VaLene. I've read through your posts here. You have a beautiful family, and a way with words and pictures. Hope we can keep in touch!