Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Got Caught

I have never been asked to show my train ticket on Utah Trax.  Oli has never been asked to show his ticket.  I don't think Brent has ever been asked to show his ticket.  I don't know anyone who's been asked to show a ticket.  Right when I approached the Gallivan Center ticket machine, my train arrived.  Swoosh, right past me, to a fast, smooth stop.  If I miss the train, then I miss the connecting bus, then I miss taking Oli to swim team, which is the whole reason I left work early today.  I took my chances thinking, "no one ever checks for the train ticket."  Wouldn't ya' know.  About 10 minutes into my ride, here comes the uniformed officer asking for tickets.  

I played the honesty card.  Here's how it went, roughly.
Officer:  Ticket please.
Me: I was running to catch the train, and didn't have time to buy a ticket.  I'm connecting to a bus, so I'll have to pay there.  I promise I wasn't looking for a free ride - I just couldn't be late.
Officer: I'm not responsible for your scheduling problems.  You could have waited for the next train in 15 minutes.  Do you know what the fine is for not having a ticket?
Me:  No, I'm kind of new at this.  I was hoping to buy a ticket at one of the stops, but the train doesn't stop long enough.
Officer:  One-hundred and thirty-four dollars.
Me:  I promise I wasn't trying to get a free ride.  I'll be paying to get on the bus in Sandy.  I'm really really sorry.

Well, he was nice.  He gave me a verbal warning.  Actually he was kind of grumpy and not really nice at all - except that he could've slapped a $134 fine on me.

I was sick to my stomach the whole rest of the train ride, paranoid that another officer would board, and more than a little embarrassed.  I contemplated getting off, buying a ticket, waiting for the next train, missing my connecting bus, etc.  I've never felt such relief to get off that train and pay my $2.00 for the bus.  I'll never do that again.  Never ever. Note to self.  Leave the bike shop at least 15 minutes before train arrival.

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  1. I just barely realized that you have a blog, or maybe I did know once upon a time and forgot about it, hmmmm, either way I am glad to have come upon it today, love it. You are a good writer, must be all the reading you do.