Monday, January 17, 2011


Once in a great while a book grabs my whole self, and I can hardly detach myself from the pages.  The author of Seabiscuit, Laura Hillenbrand, tells a gripping true story about Louis Zamperini in her latest book, Unbroken.  Louis was a troublemaker as a kid, then an olympic runner, then a bombardier in World War II, then a plane crash survivor, then a life raft survivor in the Pacific ocean, then a Japanese prisoner of war survivor, and finally a survivor of post traumatic stress disorder.  This man's life is astounding, and Laura's research and telling of it is masterful.  It's been years since I was so consumed by one book.


  1. Sounds amazing. I will put it on my "To Read" list. I loved her "Seabiscuit."

  2. ooh, I'll have to read that. I read Seabiscuit and loved it.