Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blooming Christmas Tree

We always buy a straggly, thin, uneven, and very tall Christmas tree.  For the 17 years we've been in this house, it's always been in the same corner and usually has to be cut down just a little so the star can fit.  This year, our tree did something it's never done before.  It bloomed.  A couple days before Christmas, we noticed little red berries all over the branches.

They're everywhere.  And, usually our tree is extremely brittle by this time.  It still feels as fresh as can be.  

It's like it decorated itself this year.


  1. I love your trees! What a cool thing to have the berries show up. How on earth do you reach the top part to decorate?

  2. An old rickety wooden ladder. That's how we reach the top.