Monday, December 13, 2010

Utah Valley Handbell Choir

Several years ago, we just happened to be roaming the Springville Art Museum on a Sunday afternoon and we saw that a handbell choir was going to perform. It was one of those magical moments. It was beautiful and so unexpected. For a year or two, I had a hard time catching their performances. Last year, we were able to catch them at the Provo Library. And this year, we saw them once again at the Springville Art Museum on a Sunday afternoon.

It's free.
It's festive.
It's beautiful.
It's unique.

The conductor is a hoot, making the concert informal and interactive. We sang a few carols along with the handbells. She lets folks in the audience ask questions between songs. They do all sorts of things with the bells besides just ringing them. They tap them with a mallet and treat them like xylophones. They tap them on the padded table like percussions. They tap them against their bodies to stop the sound. They also use tuning forks for different sounds.
It's a musical treat!

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  1. I love this group also. I have missed them the past few years. We'll have to try harder to find them again this year.