Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Over-The-Top Decor

Millie and I were driving home from music lessons a different way.   We came upon this tiny little house in Orem with not-so-tiny amounts of bright, turning, spinning, waving, flashing Christmas.  I'll admit that while I think this amount of decorating is tacky, I am also drawn to it.  I always stop and look.  Where do people store all this stuff?  Must they rent a storage unit?

One of our favorite stories...  When Xander was little, he couldn't say his "L" sound.  We would always drive around to find Christmas lights.  Brent pronounced the word "lights" the way Xander would say it, "Xander, look at those yights."  And Xander said, "Dad, it's not yights, it's YIGHTS!


  1. Court would tell you that ALL the houses in Ohio look like that...even year round:)

    Love the Xander story!

  2. Really? Does she know where they keep everything?