Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evil Goatheads

Today, I had to deliver some cards in a nearby neighborhood.  It was lovely outside.  There is construction happening in the nearby neighborhood, so delivery by bicycle seemed the perfect idea.  I couldn't find one of the addresses.  Each time I thought I was close, I had to wrap around a block to get to the other side.  I ended up traversing across an old field that used to be a drive-in movie theater.  As soon as I reached the sidewalk, I saw trouble.  Goatheads.  Covering both tires.

Goatheads are evil.  At least rose thorns are accompanied by a flower that is not only beautiful, but also smells wonderful.  Even a cactus is a pretty plant.  What do goathead weeds have to offer?

The bad news:
1) I never did find the house.
2) I have to buy two new tubes.
3) I ended up walking home with this.

The good news:
1) It was a short walk.
2) It was perfect weather.
3) I know a guy who can fix this.  I'm pretty sure he'll give me a discount.


  1. I never knew what those terrible little things were called! Now I do:) I hate them. I have stepped on several in my bare feet over the years. The girls used to track them into the house from our yard until I put a stop to it by making them check their shoes at the door.

  2. the good news:
    4) that there is an xc pro rear derailer. nice.