Sunday, March 6, 2011


The other day, Oli and I were walking through the grocery store parking lot.  A little girl, maybe about 4 years old, was lounging in the very bottom of her shopping cart.  She yelled out in a sing-song voice, "Look Mom.  Those two have matching hair."  I laughed.  I said to Oli, "One of us really should get our hair cut."  Guess who has the hair appointment tomorrow?


Two boys and I


  1. Ha! This is hilarious. But I think your hair is the prettiest. Really really.

  2. Bwahaha! Laughed big on this! I have always admired all of your gorgeous heads of hair:) Now, Millie needs a perm to match. Brent is the odd man out:)

  3. haha oh my this post made my day. So FUNNY! So funny that you were the one to give in to the cut.
    Thanks for coming to my show last week. It meant a lot to me!
    It was fun seeing you guys :)