Monday, October 3, 2011

The Blink of an Eye

We dropped in at our friend's house in Midway last New Year's Eve.  Our friend is a film maker and sometimes goes nuts with taking film and photos.  He was on a roll that night, and took a bunch of photos of Millie and Simon.

A couple of days ago, he sent Brent a link to a commercial he had made and told him to watch for something he'd like.  Brent watched it about 4 times and couldn't figure out the puzzle.  He had to e-mail film-maker-friend back to get a tip.  He said there was a picture of Millie in it.  Well, Brent found the 1 second shot and forgot to tell me about it.

After conference, we didn't get the TVs turned off right away, and suddenly Brent started freaking out saying watch, watch, watch, it's SteveO's commercial, then hollered, "There's Millie."  I missed it.  Didn't see her.  But thanks to youtube, we can see it all we want.

Millie is at exactly 14 seconds.  She's with the blue stuffed animals.  At 15 seconds, she's gone.  You'll miss her if you blink.


  1. We saw that commercial a few times this week. Ha! Now we can see Millie:) Bill was interested in the wheelchairs the man had made out of bike wheels and plastic lawn chairs. It looks like a good series on BYUTV.

  2. I know, those wheelchairs look so clever and functional. Brent thought that was the part he was supposed to find some meaning.

  3. VaLene, has your email changed? I tried to send you some pictures but it was returned.