Monday, October 31, 2011


Brent has a talent.  Find a nice photo like this.

Do a little cropping and change to black and white.

Print, color in some shading, think about what stays and what goes, and make some lines and notes.

Get to carving and scraping.  Wonder the whole time if it's gonna' work or if you'll have to turn it into a full moon pumpkin.  Doesn't look too impressive yet.

Light it up, and poof - it's like magic.  
You can also see Millie's pineapple and owl, Jane's Obama profile, and Oli's utensils.

Oli carved a cat and unicorn. Simon gets credit for the clever saxophone.

I used a pattern and all my patience for this little haunted house scene.

Simon freehanded a random geometric design.

Happy Halloween!