Saturday, August 6, 2011

Clean-Out-The-Fridge Pizza

There was nothing to fix for dinner.  Seriously nothing.  I thought I could whip up a pizza pretty quickly.  But I only had about 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese.  Then I remembered I had a small hunk of pepper-jack cheese.  That could be tasty.  Then I began pulling out all the cheeses in my fridge.  The supply of cheese scraps seemed to be endless.  Some moldy, some I had no idea what type it was, most were not your typical pizza cheese.  

So, why not shred them all up and mix 'em all together?  I ended up using 10 kinds cheese:
Mexican blend
Carmelized onion cheddar (From Trader Joes - yummiest stuff ever!)
And a couple hunks I couldn't identify - probably repeats of the others

Thai pizza was sounding really good.  I haven't made that in years.  No Thai peanut sauce in the fridge, so I found an easy recipe from the California Pizza Kitchen.  I didn't have all the ingredients for the sauce, but I had enough to wing-it.  I will definitely make this sauce again - it was delicious.

Plopped a couple frozen chicken breasts in the oven, mixed up a quick batch of dough, then began pulling out assorted items from the vegetable drawer.  I had to throw away quite a few in the process.  This was all I had to work with - a good half of a zucchini, 1/8 of a red pepper, 2 green onions, a small handful of carrots, and a few barely edible mushrooms.

 I had two of these babies ready to go in the oven.

Fresh cilantro and cucumber topped this after it was cooked.  Fresh cucumber on a hot pizza is amazing.  I wished I had had more.

Even the kids gobbled this up.
My cheese drawer is so empty now.


  1. It looks scrumptious! I really wish I had this talent. Seriously. You are amazing:)

  2. I've never even heard of half of those cheeses...