Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Love Babies

And I really miss this one.  This is Liam, my great-nephew - grand-nephew?  My niece's baby.  We had so much fun with this 4-week-old bundle as they stopped in for a few days while moving across the country.   I couldn't resist that soft fuzzy head.

Here's another cute one that I got to meet at Lake Powell.  He's an adorable busy body.  Those eyes...

Haven't met these ones, either.  First set of twins on my side of the family.  Those cheeks look delicious.  I love their names, Ruby and Norah.

And lastly, baby Ella wins the prize for the most hair EVER on my side of the family.  She's with her Grandpa, my brother.  I can't wait to snuzzle her, too.

Another one is due on Millie's birthday.  And another was just announced a few days ago.
I love babies.  However, I am grateful to get a full night's sleep almost every single night at this point in my life.

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  1. Wow! That's a lot of babies:) I'm kind of sad we don't have babies on either side of our family at present. We do have a few great nieces on Bill's side, but we don't ever get to see them. One is in Houston and the others in Germany:(