Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Story 1
A few days before church, Brent had purchased some treats for his Sunday School class.  He forgot to bring them to church, and I had to run home for something anyway, so I was to bring them back with me.  When I arrived, his classroom was dark and empty.  I looked outside for a minute, but couldn't find them.  So, I taped a full piece of paper marked "FOR BRENT HULME" on the outside of the knotted grocery bag and left it carefully on the classroom table.  When I found Brent, about 30 minutes later, I told him I left the snacks there.  He went to get them, and the whole package of cookies had been eaten, and all the suckers were gone except for some wrappers.  I know, kids will be kids.  It wasn't a big loss.   But when something is clearly marked with someone's name, this is stealing.  And it is wrong.  And they should be ashamed.

Story 2
Oli has been trying to sell his bicycle thru KSL Classifieds so that he can buy a new one.  Tom Packer wanted the bike, sight unseen.  He also asked Oli if he gave him an extra $50, could he give that money to the movers who would be picking up the bike.  Didn't seem like a big deal.  A few days later, Tom sent a check for $1700.  The price of the bicycle was $425.  Tom had sent an e-mail with the address where the extra money should be sent.  I took the check to the bank thinking that well, if it clears, then we're okay.  I briefly told the teller that I was worried about the check clearing, and he reminded me that actually, I'd get the cash today, but that it wouldn't officially "clear" for a couple of days.  The teller said it definitely sounded like fraud, especially since the guy wanted the excess money sent immediately through Western Union.  He asked if I could wait about 10 or 15 minutes and he'd see if his manager could verify the legitimacy of the account.  I waited.  No such account number existed.  That was close.  I sent Mr. Tom Packer a nasty e-mail.  Told him to get a real job - an honest job.  Told him my bank is sending his phony check to their security department.  Told him I'm glad we have our bike and our money.  I wonder how many others have fallen into his trap and went so far as to lose their money.  Sad.


  1. Bummer. And BTW, it was fun to see my babies here! And that pizza looks amazing.

  2. Wow! Truly sad stories. Honesty? What's that? Integrity? Robbery and scams. So prevalent today. Glad you took it to that guy!